Lit – by Kate Coyle   What lights you up? What sets your world on fire – that grabs you from behind in full bodied bliss, contracting every fiber of your being in preparation to release like a spring and burst forth expanding, exploding, and raining down particles of dust like sparkling stars unleashed from … More LIT

Headlands Sunset

earth rose up to kiss the sun – that brilliant, flaming ball a pucker which spread languidly into a smile, dripping golden honey over undulating waves of emerald peaks and valleys. sky blushed deeply, pinking up behind our backs as we sat and watched – voyeurs – strangers on the edge with only the quickening … More Headlands Sunset

Ode to My Son

I would volunteer to saw myself in half On your account. The resistance against the flinching To lessen your pain I’ll swallow. It started there at the beginning- As you made your way into the world, Forging me into a warrior, Preparing me from that first dawn Into a samurai equipped to bow down For … More Ode to My Son

Fifteen Next Month

After the hour has passed when I sat beside her for support while others informed her that Home is no longer an option,   She requested I take her outside Twenty feet as far away as she could get from the air-controlled stone buildings housing room, school, and treatment Meds in the morning, drum circle … More Fifteen Next Month